On New Cybertruck Updates from Drone Footage…

Top Fleet Productivity and Utilization Trends

That number continues to grow, as more and more fleets are finding the benefits of vehicle tracking for their companies. Here are some of the benefits your company could experience by implementing vehicle tracking into your operations.

Everything You Need To Know About Building An OCR Scanner From Scratch

The main challenge one can face in OCR is to identify each character and word. Find some of the steps by which building an OCR scanner becomes easier.

Why Enterprises Should Migrate From Monolithic To Microservices Infrastructure

According to the sources of Market Research Future, the average global market of microservices infrastructure is expected to grow by USD 33Billion in next five years. This process of switching to microservices from monoliths for developing new applications is a fair share towards digitalization of businesses. Tech giants like Netflix, Google, Amazon, IBM have already supported this fundamental shift in IT software development. So now comes the question as to why microservices architecture is getting popular among enterprises instead of primarily used monolithic?

Why Is Employee Activity Tracking Application Important for Businesses?

Travelize is one of the uprated Employee GPS location tracking and Monitoring application. It is a cloud-based software along with on-premises deployment options in order to suit all types of organization. The application consists of multiple features such as real-time employee location tracking, automatic meeting reminders, and image attachment along with a caption, distance travelled history, back dated route tracking and many more.

Advantages of EDI Technology in Supply Chain Communication

Electronic data interchange (EDI) digitally transfers business documents between businesses. EDI uses shared standards to ensure accuracy, compatibility, and reliability of all transferred information. The main benefit of EDI is improved communication efficiency by reducing manual processes. Some large businesses might require new trading partners to implement EDI. EDI systems provide enhanced information security and accountability, and can be integrated with ERP software for additional advantages.