No time better than the present

At Google we use a technique called OKRs to set goals and measure progress, which has been written about a fair bit. Since I’m spending some time at Berkman this year, I set out OKRs for my efforts there as well—one of which was to document a bibliography of all the reading I do related to predictive analytics (or anything close). Closing out the first month of the year, I’ve at least made some progress against that OKR tonight. I’ll be updating the Readings page here as I make my way through books and articles on point (and hopefully catching up to all reading to date soonish).

On an unrelated topic: as I went to document key takeaways from Incognito tonight, I realized how poor I find the digital medium for note-taking in books and generally for any sort of non-fiction reading that you may want to flip back through. I’ve noted this observation elsewhere in the past, but was struck again by this drawback tonight.

I’d welcome suggestions on better ways and tools to document said bibliography, but for now I fear it’s just going to be a semi-disorganized list.

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